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Establishment of Aroma in 2054 B.S. was with a genuine view to
fulfill the void between the learning aspirants and the quality education
required in this region. In keeping the growing demand, our institution is
a pioneer option and it has already proved itself as an institution with best
learning culture. Situated in the heart of the city, Aroma has been undertaken
and administered by a group of prominent professionals and experts having long
experience in diverse disciplines. It’s deep seated aim is to enhance behaviourial
education at home in international standard so as to prepare competent, creative
and motivated students to fit globally and compete the challenges as per the
need of time.

Aroma is guided by the following values:

August 22, 2020


To establish and develop Aroma as an academic center where the blend of Science and Management stands as the bedrock in the pursuit of national goal of career building.

August 22, 2020


Aroma undertakes the mission of providing international standard education with excellent learning environment and proper individual care by a highly qualified, devoted and self motivated teaching team.

August 22, 2020


Teamwork, Social Responsibility, Empowerment, Continuous Improvement, Integrity.


Hotel Management Stream

Management Stream

Science Stream

Message from Chairman

Making a choice of proper educational centre for learning can prove to
be a turning point in one’s career and life. For this, the aspiring students
must use their discretion in selecting the institution which will provide right
nurture in all round development. This is to make the students competent in
this fast growing world of competition and understand the ways to tackle with
complexities. It is a way of attaining completeness in ourself. In this regard Aroma makes an assurance that our students will surely get a desired return.
From the onset, we have been leaving no stone unturned in building Aroma as
the best centre for learning. And we have been successful in gaining positive
result by setting our standard of merit. So, we welcome you with open arms
with a belief to set a milestone for your successful career.

-Krishna Pd. Sapkota

Message from Principal

Education is the base for development. It is a precious jewel to adorn life with beauty, perfection and boundless opportunities. Aroma, in this regard, is an attempt to set a further milestone in the national goal of imparting the best education to students in shaping their career and future. The visionary involvement of academicians as promoters, managers and faculty members has proved to be an asset to the institution. Aroma has been able to creat a distinct identity among similar institutions. The teaching and learning process is entirely focused on the needs of students. We hope that students will be sensible enough in the correct choice of institution for further learning. Your association with us will surely give you higher perfection, satisfaction and security. At Aroma, you can be sure about being a part of distinctly novel academic arena with an exceptionally sound environment. So, bestow us the pleasure of welcoming you to this wonderful world of learning and career building.

-Sher Bahadur Chhetri

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BASIS International Award Night

Melbourne, Australia
October 18, 2020

TED Talks at UCF College

Brisbane, Australia
October 19, 2020

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