1st Ranked +2 college outside Kathmandu

4th Ranked +2 college of Nepal

Published by: Kantipur | Source: NEB


YEAR 2076

Sameer Pandey

Nepal Second Topper|GPA: 3.92 XI Sci

Sandhya Devkota

Nepal Second Topper/Dist. Topper |GPA-3.86 XII Mgmt.

Vijuwal Poudel

District Topper|GPA-3.86 XII Mgmt

Aashirbad Bhatta

District Topper|GPA-3.85 XII Sci.

Kushal Subedi

District Topper|GPA-3.85 XII Sci.

Swostika Khatri

District Topper|GPA-3.75 XI Mgmt.

Bhumika Acharya

District Topper Girls|GPA-3.79 XII Sci.

Nikesh Tiwari

District Second|GPA-3.79 XII Sci.

Soneeya Karmacharya

District Third|GPA-3.81 XII Mgmt.

Ayush Khanal

District Third|GPA-3.78 XII Sci.

YEAR 2075

Sandhya Devkota

Nepal Topper|GPA-3.92 XI Mgmt.

Anjila Giri

District First Girls|GPA-3.79 XII Sci.

Aashirbad Bhatta

District Second|GPA-3.81 XI Sci.

Aabhash Bhandari

District Third|GPA-3.78 XII Sci.

Sanchita Shrestha

District Third|GPA-3.78 XII Mgmt.

Akriti Kandel

Entrance Topper Girls|B.Food Tech., Dharan, TU

Appechhya Adhikari

Etrance Topper|B.Sc. Nursing, PU, NPI

YEAR 2074

Bimarsha Sapkota

Nepal 4th Topper,District First
|88.4% XII Sci.

Kapil Gautam

District First|85.8% XII Mgmt.

Nisha Sharma

NEB Top Grade Scorer|XI Science

Sanchita Shrestha

NEB Top Grade Scorer|XI Mgmt.

Santosh Subedi

NEB 2nd Top Grade Scorer|XI Science

YEAR 2073

Sanju Dhakal

Nepal Topper|90.4% XII Mgmt.

Asmita Karmacharya

District First (Girls)|85.2% XII Science

Renuka Gurung

District Second|88.2% XII Mgmt.

Kapil Gautam

District Second|83.8% XI Mgmt.

Anish Subedi

District Third|87% XII Science

Bidhan Poudel

District Third|87.4% XII Mgmt.

Mamata Pokhrel

Entrance 2nd Topper|B.V.Sc.& AH(AFU)

YEAR 2072

Sunil Sharma

District First|85.2%, XII Sci|IOE Entrance 2nd Topper

Amrit Tiwari

District Second|85%, XII Sci.|IOE Entrance 22nd Topper

Bhawana Devkota

Entrance 2ndTopper|B.V.Sc. & AH. (AFU)

Entrance Topper

B.Tech Dharan (TU)

YEAR 2071

Anjali Shah

District First|85.6% XII Mgmt.

Sunil Sharma

District First|86.4%, XI SciIOE Entrance 2nd Topper

Asmit Aryal

District Second|83.8% XII Mgmt.

YEAR 2070

Subodh Adhikari

District First|88.2%XI Science

Rachana Poudel

District First(Girls)|86%, XI Science

Binita TImilsina

Entrance Topper|IOM, MBBS

Nabin Neupane

Entrance 2nd Topper|B.V.Sc. & AH (AFU)

Anish Sapkota

Entrance 4th Topper|B.V.Sc. & AH (AFU)

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Excellent Performance

Excellent performance in HSEB / NEB results.


Attractive scholarship schemes for deserving & needy students.


Individual care, regular counselling & mentoring to all students.

Social Circle