Management degrees give students a broad foundation in topics relating to business, finance, economics and marketing. Most management degrees have a very practical focus, with opportunities to complete work placements and professional projects included as part of the program. For those more interested in the theory which goes into informing policies and best practices in management, there are also more research-orientated management degrees to choose from. And, of course, programs that combine the two.

Whether you want to learn more about management but are unsure about which sector you want to work in, or want to explore a particular management specialization in terms of role (such as human resource management) or industry (such as hospitality management), there are plenty of degrees available to help kick-start your management career.

Program Director

Grade XI

Compulsory Subjects

  • English
  • Nepali
  • Social Studies

Optional Subjects

  • Accountancy
  • Computer Science
  • Economics/Marketing
  • Mathematics/Bussiness

Harish C. Dhakal

Er. Jeevan Kumar K.C


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