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Establishment of Aroma in 2054 B.S. was with a genuine view to fulfill the void between the learning aspirants and the quality education required in this region. In keeping the growing demand, our institution is a pioneer option and it has already proved itself as an institution with best learning culture. Situated in the heart of the city, Aroma has been undertaken and administered by a group of prominent professionals and experts having long experience in diverse disciplines. It’s deep seated aim is to enhance behaviourial education at home in international standard so as to prepare competent, creative and motivated students to fit globally and compete the challenges as per the need of time.
Since the inception, it aims to be the capstone in the streams of Science and Management at +2 level and has been capable in attaining excellent results both at district and national levels by holding top ranks with other remarkable positions, also spreading its fumes abroad. Aroma is the need of time and we are keen to transform the career of adolescent learners in order to make them able to cope with the demand of modern global standard. It trains students to be practical, cumulative and behaviourial and thus making them self responsive, determinant and obligatory.

Good Reasons to Choose


  1. The choice of SLC/SEE toppers
  2. Excellent performance in HSEB/NEB results
  3. Competitive, well disciplined & peaeful academic environment.
  4. Attractive scholarship schemes for deserving & needy students.
  5. Professionally experienced, skilled, self motivated and student centered faculties
  6. Individual care, regular counselling & mentoring to all students.
  7. Regular exams, re-exam with prompt feedback & value based classes
  8. Pre-Medical/Engineereing/Ag Entrance Preparation classes by NAME, Vibrant &
    PEA’s experts throughout the year.
  9. State-of-the-art infrastructure, well equipped modern science, computer
    & H.M. laboratories
  10. Well stuffed library
  11. CCTV surveillance and use of multimedia projector technology
    in teaching.
  12. Facilities for games, sports, excursion & educational tour
  13. Industrial & Hotel visit for Management students.
  14. Accessibile transport service.



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